Friday & Saturday are WOMEN ONLY events. 

Sunday is open to both WOMEN & MEN. For men: If you wish to join in training on Sunday, you must be apart of the group warm up at the start of the day!


All day: Arrivals in VANCOUVER, BA

There will likely be training during the daytime for early arrivals. More information TBD

630 PM : Evening training & jam at Origins Parkour

11 PM : Lights Out!



9:30 AM Event Start | Origins Parkour

10:00 AM Workshops

11:15 AM Announcements: Day overview, transit system orientation

1:00 PM Open Training | UBC (MAP HERE)

Meet West of “The Nest” at 1 PM for warm-up, group photo, and event announcements.
See UBC Spot Map: Click through the points for photos.

5:00 PM BBQ Dinner | Spanish Banks

Grab some grub to grill (alliteration FTW), and meet us as the Spanish Banks / Beach to BBQ and wind down

7:30 PM Challenge Night, Jam, and Film Fest! | Origins

Join us Saturday night at Origins Parkour for a combo film-fest and challenge-style competition, open and designed for all abilities to participate in. 

11:00 PM Lights out.



7:30 AM | Group Breakfast | Origins Parkour

GF / V options included.

8:00 AM | Depart for Lynn Canyon (MAP HERE)

10:00 AM Hike, Swim, and Jump at Lynn Canyon Park! Optional Workshop with Alana Reis. Meet across from Canyon Cafe.

12:00 PM | Depart Lynn Canyon

1:00P M Lunch & Jam | Yaletown  (MAP HERE)

1:30 PM Announcements at North Side of the Roundhouse

1:45 PM Group activity 15min - Everyone must be here for this!

2:15 PM Workshops and open jamming begin

5:00 PM Closing Remarks | Roundhouse

7:30 PM After party event